GAY NEWSPULSE is a new online publication with high expectations for itself and rest of the world to support the civil rights movement of the LGBT community around the globe. “BE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY,” a memorable quote made international by Hillary Clinton’s historic LGBT Speech at the UN, is an invaluable statment and the catalyst for GNP’s mission. Now that Gay Rights is a strong focus in news media and government organizations, it is our responsibility as individuals (gay or straight) to keep things moving!

BE CONFIDENT and HONEST with yourself in wanting to make a difference. This includes being true to yourself, having a strong belief that being Gay is not a crime or immoral, no matter the source of negative influences in your life.

SET POSITIVE EXAMPLES with everyone you interact with on a daily basis.


GAIN AWARENESS of what’s going on in news to better your understanding of current events. You can only make a difference in revealing people’s harmful ways by educating yourself, allowing you to form a solid case in debate.

GET INVOLVED in organizations that you agree with and are advocators of LGBT persons.



HELP GAY NEWSPULSE GROW! If you agree with our philosophy and want to help us continue our message and delivering LGBT News, please make a donation! Any amount is greatly appreciated!

100% of your contribution will help GAY NEWSPULSE keep moving and support NEW expanding efforts.

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Any personally identifiable information supplied by persons or organizations at this site will be used by GAY NEWSPULSE for contacting purposes only, and will not be sold or otherwise transferred to unaffiliated third parties.

Donation Statement

Donations to GAY NEWSPULSE (GNP) are not recognized or accepted as tax deductible donations by the Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service. 100% of all donations are reserved for the support and growth of GAY NEWSPULSE in efforts to bring awareness to the “FREE and EQUAL in DIGNITY and RIGHTS” of the LGBT community, such as domain, web hosting, promotional and creative service fees. GAY NEWSPULSE has no affiliation with the U.S. State Department, the United Nations or any other organization.

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